Quantitative Medicine


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Targeted Exercise and Diet Reverse Aging and Chronic Disease___
A broad claim, but it works, proven in 20 years of clinical practice. Here’s how. Using ordinary blood tests, an optimum exercise and nutritional strategy is developed. Once achieved, aging is slowed, and biological age reversed. Chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, adult onset diabetes, and osteoporosis are blocked and rolled back. The best lifestyle is different for everyone, but for most it involves a delicious diet and short but intense exercise sessions. Here are brief descriptions of how Quantitative Medicine slows aging and reverses disease.


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Quantitative Medicine Is a Complete Healthcare System___ 

  This book is a step-by-step guide to assessing one’s health and developing lifestyle changes to optimize it. Using its principles, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, cancer, heart disease, adult onset diabetes, osteoporosis, and even aging can be prevented and usually reversed.

This method has been used for over twenty years in Dr. Nichols’s clinical practice. Several thousand patients have experienced the benefits, and every single person has gotten better–many markedly so.

Over 70% of the population now dies of degenerative disease, but this can be entirely prevented. Everyone’s own body has within it the means to prevent and reverse degenerative disease. It is only a matter of harnessing these vital forces–forces subdued or confounded by our modern lifestyle, but waiting, internally, for their chance to heal.

People Who Have Used Quantitative Medicine___

Over the past ten years I have rigorously adopted the lifestyle approach outlined in Quantitative Medicine. My appearance and overall health are better than 25 years ago. At times I feel I have found “the fountain of youth” in Dr. Mike Nichols’s scientific approach to not only improving but, in my case, totally eliminating lifestyle diseases. Thank God I found QM before it was too late! —-R Michael Miller, Insurance Executive

Dr. Mike’s Quantitative Medicine really has changed my life. After my first heart attack I followed the broadly recommended “standard” medical advice, only to have a second heart attack within two years. A good friend recommended Dr. Mike and his Quantitative Medicine approach. Diet change + effective physical and spiritual exercise = new healthy life. Side benefits are: feeling years younger, stronger, and happier. —-Dave Saxby, Entrepreneur

This book connects the dots between lifestyle choices and health and makes it crystal clear why we should care. —-Ken Goldman. Venture Capitalist

A Doctor’s View of Dr. Nichols___

Dr. Mike Nichols, a true medical visionary, was at the forefront of advocating lifestyle changes for the treatment and prevention of diseases since the 1990s. His brilliant and pioneering work in combining healthy nutrition, regular exercise, meditation, and adequate rest was years ahead of the mainstream thinking of practicing physicians and even of widely acclaimed national specialty organizations. He has seen significant improvement in clinical outcomes of his patients: in improved exercise tolerance, hypertension control, weight loss, diabetes control, lipid management, and general well-being. —-Michael R. Nagel, MD, MPA, FACC

A Patient’s View of Quantitative Medicine___ 

From Silicon Valley, the epicenter of disruptive technologies, comes a set of ideas, based on data, that is sure to both surprise the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance establishments, and hopefully help literally millions of people achieve a happier and healthier quality of life. If you look at the practice of Medicine the way we look at technology, you end up with Quantitative Medicine. Quantitative Medicine is surprising yet empowering. When you extract the influences of the many special interests, and consider honestly and openly what the data is telling us, so many long-held beliefs are shattered, and so much falls into place. Yet the result is remarkably empowering. —-Marty Cagan, Author, Founder, Silicon Valley Product GroupMore text.

Quantitative Medicine named 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist


From Kirkus Reviews____

An ambitious book presents a revolutionary approach to fitness, diet, and exercise.

This volume seeks to reimagine medicine in the attempt to emphasize a preventive patient strategy that can combat degenerative, chronic disease and prolong life. Ever the iconoclasts, Nichols (Eat Real Food Or Else, 2016), a medical innovator, and his patient, Davis, a Stanford-educated engineer, provide an argument that debunks many popular medical myths that have led people who seek a healthy lifestyle astray. Eating whole grains, avoiding fats, going for long-distance runs–these and other commonly held presumptions about how to promote and maintain wellness the authors attack with lucidity and vigor. The hypothalamus, the body’s “master regulator” of the key physiological processes that govern health, acts as if humans still lived as hunter-gatherers seeking to enhance their survival. This accounts for why some people who do extended aerobic exercise actually gain weight. The hypothalamus thinks the body needs to store fats to meet the demands of these long periods of physical stress. “The agricultural revolution had the net effect of pushing our hypothalamus out of its normal equilibrium, and into a place where it could no longer regulate and operate properly,” the authors argue. Consumption of starches, even whole grains, has messed up humans. To understand how the hypothalamus, and consequently lipids (fats), sugars, and other nutrients function, the patient must order tests outside the current regime permitted by health insurance companies and physicians. The authors encourage patients to join forces with their doctors to explain and engage the rather elaborate health strategies that they advocate. Written in a clear, straightforward manner, the book still features an argumentative edge, and why not? Nichols and Davis take on many false medical saws with an enthusiasm and thoroughness that provides strong scientific evidence for their discussion. The convincing book also displays a number of cartoon drawings and sidebars that attempt to lighten the load. Would that all patients had a Dr. Mike in their corners.

An intensely, deeply argued recasting of what it means to be healthy that may pose difficulties for patients, but provides solid evidence for effective prevention strategies.

From the Authors____
I am a Silicon Valley engineer and longtime Dr. Mike patient, but unlike most engineers, I enjoy writing, and when the opportunity arose to chronicle the medical wizardry of Dr. Mike Nichols, I jumped at the chance. The result is Quantitative Medicine. — Charles Davis, PhD

I have been helping people get the maximum out of their life for decades, using methods adapted to each person: diet modification, exercise, dealing with stress and mindfulness, and sometimes even pills. For 20 years I have had one patient after another ask me when I was going to write my method down. My answer has always been, “”never.”” Well, they win. So, here it is: Quantitative Medicine, which is a complete self-healthcare system.
Smile, Have Fun, God Speed, — Mike Nichols MD

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